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Sex Files Vol. #21: Show Hard

Sex Files Vol. #21: Show Hard
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New from Director Joe Gage

Joe Gage Sex Files Volume #21 - Show Hard


4 Scenes
Presented in Black and White
100 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tarquin
    I really love this movie. It's up there with Joe Gage's best. It has a measured simplicity and wonderfully detailed shots. The acting quality is very good throughout.
    In the first scene Dirk Caber, as the suburban dad, is amazing as he jacks in front of a mirror, unaware that he is being spied on. He is putting on a show simply for his own benefit, smirking and smiling at his own reflection, sensually enjoying his own cock, oblivious to the cops behind the mirror, who are turned on to the point of orgasm by his self-pleasuring. A bravura performance, and a very horny scene, in which all the participants keep all their clothes on.
    Scene two introduces us to the young sailor, in his naval kit. He is just starting to get it on with a stock boy when in walks the park hand. He sees them and immediately unzips his sexy-as-hell one piece overall. He's naked underneath, except for his mat of chest hair. The other two just carry on; I guess he's a regular and they've seen him before. They wank and suck together, then park hand tells sailor boy he's going to fuck him. He drops his pants and bends over, still wearing his sailor shirt. Park hand, now completely naked fully exposing his hairy body, fucks him hard then hands him over to stock boy. They take turns fucking him and finally spunk over his face, some of it landing on the camera lens. Sailor boy finally shoots over himself, splashing across his shirt. But there is also a fourth man in this scene. In a typical Joe Gage move there is a man in one of the stalls jacking off; most of the time we only see his foot under the stall, although in a couple of shots it looks like he and his foot have gone for a coffee break. At one stage he comes out to watch the fun and, fully clothed, sucks naked park hand's cock. When park hand takes his turn again in sailor boy's hole, the guy goes back to his stall and enjoys his solitary wank.
    Scene three has sailor boy back for more, having washed his face and changed his shirt. He shouldn't have bothered as both are covered in spunk again by the end of the scene. The second guy to arrive is a local teacher. Once again they are getting it on when the account manager walks in. This time they jump apart and play innocent; but not for long. Eventually account manager signals sailor boy to follow him to one of the stalls. He drops his pants and sits on the stall seat. Sailor boy sheds his pants, straddles him backward and rides him hard. Teacher watches and wanks. Then he too wants a bigger piece of the action and goes and sits in the next stall. Sailor boy now rides teacher in the same way while account manager does the wanking. The come sequence is different from scene two. Sailor boy leans forward and sucks account manager while still riding teacher and takes it in the mouth. He then jacks off, shooting up his shirt. Finally teacher shoots in his face, this time avoiding the camera lens. All three men stay fully clothed from the waist up, with only sailor boy actually taking off his pants.
    Scene four takes us back to suburban dad and the two cops behind the mirror. He is soon joined by college freshman. They make an interesting pair: one twice the age of the other. They get it on, and college boy starts to suck dad. At this point cop1 (sexy Johnny Hazzard) decides he wants more than just being Alice jacking off through the looking glass. He walks into the action. He says nothing, but his expression is reassuring and soon he is getting his cock sucked by college boy. He spends a lot of the time with his hands in his pockets or behind his back. It's a sexy and powerful pose. Cop2 eventually joins the action and soon he is face fucking college boy while his partner does the same to suburban dad. There is some nice visual interaction between the two cops; they obviously enjoy seeing each other's pleasure. There is no explicit move from sucking to fucking, just the signature Gage up the wall and down again transition. The fucking is good, with cop1 keeping up his hands-off pose while cop2 pounds college boy over the urinal, holding him by his jockstrap. In the end it's the college boy who gets the spunk facial and the laundry bill. In a nice touch, dad licks the spunk off his face and college boy licks the other guys' dicks clean before sitting on the floor and shooting his own big load. The clothing is interesting in this scene too. Everyone is fully clothed until the fucking starts, when dad and college boy lose their pants. The two cops remain fully clothed throughout, which is good; a cop looks just like any other fucker when he takes all his clothes off.
    This is an excellent movie. I recommend it. I downloaded it two days ago and have watched it twice, with multiple orgasms. I'm an older guy and have fond memories of doing this sort of cruising in my youth, when I too was a college freshman. There are a few minor points about the movie that jar, but it's not made to a Star Wars budget so I'll say no more. The only thing I want to comment on is the use of condoms. I assume that Joe has given this serious thought and has decided to stick with the safe sex message, even though today, with pre-scene instant testing, the actors are in no danger from infection. I respect his decision, but back in the day, when I was in the role of the sailor boy, condoms were never used and I would leave an encounter like this with spunk oozing down my crack.
  • Author: Brian Hatton
    I was delighted to find this film as it's always been a great fantasy of mine and sure enough it lived up to the standards we can expect from the sex files trilogy, it's as hot as it gets and one of the best in the series ,,I just love the first part where the cops are watching a guy beat off ,behind a concealed mirror ,and when the cop beats off watching him in front of his buddy who joins in ,this I know happens from days gone by ,it's a great movie if you like the thought of being watched or getting caught ,this film is shot in black and white which just adds to the atmosphere of the times ,the cast is great lookers and well acted ,I cannot recommend this film enough I hope they follow up with more like this ,as I have watched this over and over and never manage to get past the first Scene,thank you to ever thought up this film it's truly one great film ,and stands out from the rest of the run of the mill films these days ,Brian ,

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